To the user who falsely accused me, Thank you

This is to the user who falsely accused me of doing something I never did. Thank you for teaching me that most people are pathetic liars and would use their might to make sure their “ego” isn’t hurt.

The Morning

So my morning started normal, I woke up, did some jogging, and started checking my emails to see if I had received any reply from Google regarding the Extension I submitted (which is a whole different thing, I might write an article about it if it gets approved).

Checking Discord

During the noon, I logged onto Discord and saw about 5–6 DMs from different people (which is normal as I am working on various open-sourced projects), I answered almost all DMs, but one dm was weird….

The “DM”

It was from a user I haven’t messaged in a long time, my last message to him was more than 1 year ago and it was “ok” as a reply to an Xbox meme (out of context, but I reply “ok” to the stuff I am not interested in).

It said: “are you still a noob”,
“oh, you are”.

Followed by — “huh bitch”.

I replied: “What?”
Followed by — “What is your problem? What did I even do to you?”, but here’s the catch, the never was delivered because I was blocked by the user.

The user presumably unlocked me for a second and this is how the conversation went:

It said: “noobie”

I followed by saying: “What is your problem? What did I even do to you?” (But the message again wasn’t delivered because the user again blocked me)

I won’t share the USER ID or tag to avoid humiliation

Sharing this

I couldn’t stop laughing at this random conversation and so I shared this in a discord server of my friend, where the user was as well.
I posted this image along with the message: @ User what is your problem, what did I even do to you? I also followed by saying “This server is full of retarded people lol” to a friend of mine, she said “ikr”.

After this, I went to study for my upcoming exam.

I was also in the server where he was a manager and I sent a message there asking the higher-ups to take a look at the condition and avoid having people this rude as the server managers.

1 hour later

1 hour later, I got a ping (actually many of them), I logged on and saw that I got a dm from the same guy, here is the screenshot

Exactly, his old messages are gone as he deleted them and pretended if I had “photoshopped” those messages in. (Also, my red messages are gone because they were failed messages and they got disappeared because I had closed the discord and opened it after an hour or so.)

The Hour-Long Conversation

Then I went to the server he was a manager in, he had deleted my messages and started saying that I was a kid who lied and am jealous of him so I decided to send the picture again, but here’s another catch, he had already convinced the users in that server that I was a pathetic liar who never knew to code and he was the one who taught me. He never taught me anything, there was only this one time he helped me with one issue in my bot when I was new to coding and I was very grateful to him (during that period).

Followed this an hour-long conversation where he always tried to convince the users of the server that he wasn’t lying and I was the one who was lying, which is just stupid. I then decided to stop myself from participating in stuff like this because I have got more important stuff to worry about than just an online conversation.

Why Thanks?

I want to thank the user because he taught me that people aren’t as honest as I expected them to be, I have learned the truth about the human race and will make sure to never trust any random person again 👍


I am just surprised to know that there are people like this who will lie so much just so they can prove themself right no matter how wrong they are!

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